Why I love (and care about) Asian men

Fact: I never cared about black men, I never cared about Indian or Latino men either. I didn’t care about Asian men.

I never found black men attractive. I did fancy Indian men for a while in my life but never actually dated one. I did have a Latino boyfriend a couple of years ago but he didn’t change my perception on them – I still don’t fancy Latino men, I still don’t care.

Then I got the yellow fever. I am trying to think when exactly I got infected. I think deep down I always found Asian men attractive but I didn’t care and would never approach them – you know why, you hear stories about their boring personalities, about their materialism, about their … “tools”. Finally, I also thought that they wouldn’t find white Western girls attractive or that they would be just too shy to approach me because “white girls don’t date Asian guys”.

Then I started dating them and I started to care. Now, I only like Asian guys and this is why:

  • They have hair at the right places. It’s hard to see hair at the right places on Western men. Western guys usually have hair all over their body but not where it’s supposed to be. Asian men have pretty awesome hair where it’s supposed to be and they let you touch it. Hands up – if you are a female – how many times have you heard “don’t” when trying to touch your Western boyfriend’s hair (well, if they still have any left on their heads, that is)?
  • They have amazing smooth skin. You want to cuddle with them all the time. You want to kiss their face too. The stubble on Western men just irritates your skin.
  • They are super hot. I’ve read countless articles about how a lot of women (including Asian women living in certain Western countries) don’t find Asian guys attractive, how “ugly” they find them. I believe that these women are either blind or have been brainwashed in those countries by the “white supremacy”.
  • They don’t mind carrying your handbag. Whenever I’d ask my Western exes to carry or hold my bag for a second, the answer would be the same: “no, I am not gay”.
  • Sex is pretty awesome. Somehow, they know what to do with their “tool”.
  • They are perceived as “nerdy” or “good with computers”. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Better nerdy than stupid!
  • They all want to have children. I have a lot of female friends wanting children while their husbands or boyfriends don’t. All Asian guys I’ve met want babies.






22 Replies to “Why I love (and care about) Asian men”

  1. I think you are starting to like Asian Men because of the Environment , I believe when you are surrounded by the same race and have the mainstream media reinforce the norm then you will be strongly inclined with the same race as you are as opposed to another race. If you do not consume general mainstream media and just interact with everyday people , you will be drawn towards those who you interact with. Just want to add something about the Asian ethnicities, most asians will look a lot younger that they really are. Asians basically have the “fountain of youth” in their genes. Asian men will almost never develop the male pattern baldness that Caucasian men have also due to genes, it is some derivative of testosterone that causes hair loss. And lastly because you are a Caucasian Female, when you have children with Asian males, your offspring will be genetically superior due to the wider variety of genetic possibilities, as opposed to someone the same race as you are. Mixed babies generally have higher immune systems and have lower chances of deceases or deformities, good looks is a bonus, although a great bonus that society values. Have a good day.


    1. That’s quite possible:) At the end of the day, we do tend to bond with people we spend the most time with. My blog is kind of a satire and hence it should not be taken too seriously. Regarding halfie babies, I have actually done some research into this topic myself and your note does indeed seem to be true. I’d beg to disagree that Asians look younger than they are. While this is definitely true for Asians born and living in Asia, I find that Asians that were born in the western world age the same way as Westerners. Most of my Asian friends that have spent all their lives in the western countries look their age.


      1. Mixed babies depend on their parentage. Generally they inherit physical health from their mothers. Most of the successful biracials in society have white mothers (Obama, Keanu Reeves, Jason Momoa, half the NBA). It’s just science. It’s not politically correct but it’s science. We all have less free will than we’d like to attribute.


        1. Also true that AMWF does produce better looking kids, because oftentimes the opposite involves a lot of negativity and self hatred. There are a lot of extremely racist white men who go for Asian women as a way to express white male dominance. Many MGTOWS, alt-right, white nationalists (like Kyle Chapman, John Derbyshire, Chuck C Johnson, Andrew Anglin) marry Asian women because they think they’re more submissive and traditional than Asian women. Also these men are racist against Asian men and most hapa children grow up to look very Asian.


    2. You people are quantifying things too much. I have several Asian male friends. You would think that the pretty ones are the ones with hot girlfriends. Several of my friends are actually physically…. not the best. The girls that they wind up with defy all logic. Usually 8+ women, generally blonde. But it’s just science. It’s always been this way. Same with ugly black guys and the hottest white girls. It’s the same thing with Asian guys. Who cares?


      1. But my final input is that the Asian guys I know aren’t studious stereotypes, most of them are emotionally distant unsuccessful laid back guys who don’t care that much. These are the guys who are with inexplicably hot non Asian girls.


        1. I like dating non Asian girls because they’re much less rude and more sensual and intimate. I never have to initiate with them. I’ve dated dozens of women and the first Asian woman I dated insulted me on our first date and I had to wait 6 months for sex.

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  2. Personally I detest asians but I detest myself so whatever. I do admire her tenacity in giving an opinion which might not be popular. More women should speak with such frankness. The world would be a more cruel place but a more honest one.


    1. Generally the more unattractive a woman is the more she will lash out against men that she feels have higher desirability and options than she does. Attractive women feel more free to go against social stigma’s and marry for love.


    2. Hi Jane. I’ve not met many people who would openly say they detest a particular culture. It is baffling that you feel you can justify this with your self hate. I wish you nothing but an open-minded 2020. Perhaps if you need some good loving then you can find your nearest Asian man and he can show you a good time.

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      1. I’ve noticed that very beautiful women tend to like Asian guys. Tends to be something in the psychology I think. I just notice patterns. I’m willing to bet you’re very beautiful as well.


      2. Asians have great physical features, test higher in testosterone, are more emotionally and mentally stable. Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. The average girl won’t date an Asian guy but for some reason the ones who do are really attractive inside or out or both. It’s just science.

        AMWF is the oldest and most common interracial relationship on earth and always has been. What you are “noticing” isn’t anything new. Society noticed it 150 years ago and started a campaign against Asian males specifically designed to lower their self worth.

        Even the creator of Birth of a Nation, the movie glorifying the KKK, made a second film celebrating an Asian male / white woman romance. In the 1910’s.

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      3. I think I’m ugly, I’m mixed Asian but look mostly Asian. I’ve noticed the girls into me tend to be more beautiful than even what handsome guys get. I have no idea why. But then again maybe cause I’m crazy and dominant.


        1. Why do you think you are ugly? I think that’s just in your head. Beauty is relative; what someone perceives as beautiful may not be beautiful for others. You perhaps look exotic which a lot of women may find attractive (more so than let’s say a guy next door type)…


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