Rapaza Mondo – the girl with a travel bug (About me…)


I am an ordinary girl who once wanted to pursue law studies and in the end chose life over career. I’ve lived on four continents, in nine countries and ten cities and have travelled to just over 70 countries. Given my travel bug, the number of countries I’ve travelled to seems relatively small but I tend to return back to a lot of places that are close and dear to me, especially in Europe and Asia. My favourite cities in Europe are Edinburgh, Prague and Paris. In Asia I love Luang Prabang, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei.

I never became a lawyer (although I have dated one) but I have still managed to have a relatively successful career while moving around. My job has essentially enabled me to pursue my dream of living in different places.

I quit my corporate job as I’ve been able to negotiate a contracting role which allows me to work anywhere in the world. I am currently based in Mexico pursuing Spanish  and volunteering in a dog shelter.

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