Why is Canada making me so miserable?

I’ve been living in Canada for just under six months and from bad it’s been gradually getting worse. I moved to this country at the beginning of March when the weather was freezing cold. The day I arrived I took a walk, a walk in what felt like a ghost town. A ghost big city town with not a single person around! That day was one of the saddest days in a long time. What was I thinking when I decided to move to Canada?!

Work was mediocre when I started and from mediocre it became terrible. Today I had another “I almost resigned” and “I can’t take it any longer” day. The team is led by middle aged women who don’t inspire or empower. There is no open communication and you have to watch your back as you never know who may come and stab you from behind.

Bars and restaurants in Toronto have no atmosphere or personality and the city itself is full of ugly glass skyscraper boxes. Food is average and people seem too absorbed in work and paying off student debts and mortgages.

It’s currently summer here and I am already dreading winter. As winter is when everyone in Canada (at least on the east coast) hibernates. It’s already dreadful; can it get any worse than this?

The nature in Canada is beautiful, however from where I live, in order to get to the nature, you need a car. And most beautiful places are 3-5 hours’ drive away.

My best friend in Sydney keeps nagging how concerned she is about me being so miserable. She finds it discombobulating how miserable I’ve been ever since I moved. I mean we all have good days and bad days. I have days that are better than others. Sometimes even a week or two go by and I feel ok. And then the reality kicks…

I wish I could just leave but I have at least another seven months of this painful life. It will be a year then. A very depressing year indeed…


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